There are GIRLS in this house…

October 11, 2003, 11:04 PM

That’s right, there are GIRLS living here, and as such, my bathroom, which I’ve made into something truly manly, being completely functional in nature and nothing too artsy in there, has now been attacked by a fleet of girls, specifically my sister, and her roommate Megan. Now, all of a sudden, the hair and skin care inventory has expanded dramatically, from a single hairbrush (which I use to neaten my hair in the morning) to hair brushes, weird sprays, creams… all kinds of stuff. And that’s just the counter.

In my shower, there’s all order of weird poofy things, body wash (an expensive way to say “soap”), and razors. A razor, eh? I don’t trust myself around razors (thus why I use an electric), but there were no accidents.

The whole thing ends tomorrow, though, as the two of them go back to Virginia Tech. Let’s admit it, the two of them are great friends, and Sis and Megan are great people, but when they infringe on my bathroom, that’s pushing it.

However, to Megan’s credit, she did find my fire alarms quite interesting, though she didn’t recognize the fire alarm like the ones in her own dorm, since mine was mounted to a strobe plate, and the dorm’s are not.

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Let’s drink a big soda and ride the Yellow Line!

October 9, 2003, 12:42 PM

Metro finally got a public restroom in a station! A self-cleaning restroom has been installed at Huntington. What this means is that every 30 minutes, the restroom closes up and cleans itself. Interesting idea… I wonder if it catches on. I also hope that it’s really totally clean after the guy before you has done his business. Hmmm…

And they installed it at Huntington, too. Huntington Station shows up in some of my “Urban Comparison” pictures way off in the distance. Finally, this will give me reason to go to Huntington and ride the inclinator there.

But not before first having a BIG soda…

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What part of “crosswalk” do you not understand?

October 9, 2003, 12:33 PM

The joys of driving through campus in the middle of the day… JMU students walking, JMU students running, JMU students mingling… all just fine by me. Then we have the problem:

JMU students crossing the street.

First of all, they’re totally obnoxious when they have the stop signs, and thus the right of way. You can find yourself sitting at these random stop signs throughout campus for minutes on end while everyone crosses the street. You really have to duck and dodge to get through, let me tell you, all the while trying not to run someone over.

Then there’s the painted crosswalks without stop signs or traffic lights. Crosswalk means we know to expect pedestrian traffic through that area. That still doesn’t mean that you can dart out in front of cars. And the pedestians think we have to stop for these things. I overheard one girl on the sidewalk say, “Thank you for stopping!” as I drove past without stopping. I’m sorry, but if there is no stop sign or traffic light, I don’t have to stop unless it would be unsafe to keep going (i.e. if some idiot is in the street already).

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I love it when things come together.

October 9, 2003, 1:29 AM

I do so love it when things come together. With the help of “STN 2” on the CafePress boards, I got a new set of ASP code up and running on my Online Store. I don’t know about you, but I think it looks really good. I also took the opportunity to make a few other changes on there to enhance the appearance. And it took maybe an hour tops to do the conversion and testing, testing it in a “test-stoer” directory (I mistyped and decided to leave it, since it was a test folder, after all). So take a look, let me know what you think… you know. All that good stuff. And buy some Schumin Web merchandise – the thongs are still there.

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Is it Friday yet?

October 2, 2003, 11:20 AM

Is it Friday yet? No? Still Thursday? Drat… I need Friday to be here, because Friday is my workday at home. Work on JMU stuff, as well as personal stuff. And trust me, I will be busy that day, I can assure you.

Meanwhile, we’re getting, as I understand it, a big mass of arctic air coming through here, which will make the weather a lot colder lately. As it is, I broke out my Schumin Web sweatshirt for the first time this season today.

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Sick Mavica going to visit the shop…

October 1, 2003, 4:01 PM

And my sick Mavica (the small one – Big Mavica’s just fine) is going to get mailed to Pennsylvania in the next few days to get fixed. A shame when these things break, isn’t it?

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